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    中文版       English 您好,歡迎光臨駿馬重工(集團)江蘇駿馬壓路機械有限公司網站!

    YZC3.5H Full Hydraulic Double Drum Vibratory Roller

    Main features
    1.Hydraulic double drum / single drum drive, infinitely variable speed.
    2.Hydraulic double drum vibration, starting-vibration by electronic control, great exciting force with good compaction performance. 
    3.Hydraulic steering, articulated frame with flexible operation.
    4.Equipped with electric control pressurized water spraying system, high volume anti-corrosive water tank.
    5.Hydraulic service brake, Electronic self-locking parking brake, safe and reliable.
    6.The front cover can be turned up in a big angel for easily maintenance.
    7.Equipped with imported famous brand hydraulic components with reliable performance.
    8.A trailer is provided for convenient transportation.
    9.Imported Kubota engine is optional. 

      Compacting and repairing the general road base and asphalt pavement in city road, inter-city and township road, water conservancy project, sports and other industrial site and so on.

    Technical parameters
    Operating Weight (kg): 3500 
    Rolling width (mm):1250 
    Vibration frequency (Hz): 50 
    Theoretical amplitude of vibration (mm): 0.45 
    Exciting force? (kN): 35 
    Travel speed (km/h):0~10 
    Engine model:ZN390B
    Engine power/speed (kw/rpm): 28.5/2600
    Overall dimensions(mm)(L*W*H): 2900×1370×2600